Who Are We?

SOAR is an experienced team of medical professionals, specialising in preventing, treating and managing work related injury and illness.

Our team includes medical practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, exercise scientists and biomechanists. Together we provide you with a comprehensive musculoskeletal service.

The SOAR Difference

SOAR delivers three key differences to help give you a competitive edge:

1. One contact point for immediate access to the best care – onsite or locally – you call one number when an injury occurs, no matter how small.

Early intervention is key. You call one number when an injury occurs, no matter how small. Your dedicated SOAR specialist will provide advice, visit onsite or direct you, instantly, to the best local help. Our strong network of medical professionals and specialists across Australia give you immediate access to our preferred providers in your area. You get private health care treatment every time. This means significantly reduced waiting time and the right diagnosis and best quality treatment in the shortest timeframe.  That’s a valuable time and cost saving.

2. An unbeatable injury management system – available through the web, it’s simple, efficient and powerful. 

Everyone who’s caring for your injured workers uses our injury management system.  It works simply and efficiently, providing powerful and accurate information you can access at any time:

  • An injured worker’s diagnosis, injury progress, treatment, fit for work review date and likely return to work dates

  • A health overview of your total workforce

  • Workforce trends highlighting injury risks.

As it’s available through the web, you can access any information on the health and recovery of your workers regardless of your geographical location.

3. A fast and safe return to work for your employees using proven methods and treatment programs. 

SOAR has worked with elite Australian sports teams for over 10 years.  We use proven methods to assess injury risks, the best treatment programs to safely speed recovery times and first class wellness programs to keep your workers in top condition. 

Clients using SOAR’s workplace services have improved their return-to-work figures by 50% compared with the national average and cut absenteeism to below five per cent of their total workforce, thus improving their productivity and profitability.

Trend Graph
Workforce Trend Report

Working With You

There are many ways that SOAR works with you to proactively prevent and manage workplace injury and illness:

Reviewing your Injury Management System and assessing injury risk 

The best injury management system asks the right questions. Once you have the right data, keeping track of your workers’ health, monitoring their injury status and assessing injury risk will be much easier.

The best injury management system asks the right questions. We’ll work with you to develop a new system or refine your existing one to ensure it captures the right information and can be accessed by everyone. It’ll become an effective communication and strategy development tool.

We’ll also assess the risk of injury across your business by looking at, for example, average number of hours worked, injury recurrence rates and injury locations.

Providing flexible options to help you

From deciding on how best to treat the initial injury or illness when you call us, to managing the recovery and preventing its recurrence, we have a flexible option to meet your needs. SOAR provides flexibility of choice in all the services we offer, for example:

  • varying treatment options from on-call advice, to a site visit or using our strong network of medical professionals Australia-wide to quickly find the best local specialist

  • offering regular on-site medical and physio clinics fitting in with shift times

  • arranging local off-site clinics if workforce size is smaller or injury rate lower

Whatever your need, we will try to meet it.

Providing accurate records of workers’ progress

Everyone involved in a worker’s recovery uses our injury management system. At any time, and in any location, you can get an up to date report on a worker’s diagnosis, expected recovery time, rehabilitation program and likely return to work dates.

It’s efficient, simple and easily accessed via the web.

Presenting trend reports

We regularly prepare trend reports across your workforce. To see an example, <click here>.

Developing strategies to overcome negative trends

Once trends are identified, we’ll work with you to develop the best strategies to overcome them, taking into account the needs of your workers and the working environment. 

We’ll tailor the best solution for your business and its workers.